Fuel Delivery Glossary

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Fuel Delivery Glossary

Post by Amskeptic » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:06 am

********** Fuel Delivery **********

Manifold Sensor - the measuring device that informs D-Jetronic fuel injection how much fuel to deliver to the engine based on vacuum below the throttle plate

Air Flow Meter (AFM) - the measuring device that informs L-Jetronic fuel injection how much fuel to deliver based on air flow above the throttle plate

Auxiliary Air Regulator (AAR) - the fuel injection component that insures correct idle speed when the engine is cold

Decel Valve - the fuel injection component that reduces hydrocarbon emissions during deceleration

Evaporative Emission Control (EEC) - the capture of fuel tank vapors

Double Relay - the component that powers/isolates the fuel injection system from the vehicle electrical system when the ignition is on/off, and that controls the fuel pump

Temperature Sensor II (cylinder head) - informs fuel injection computer of engine temperature to moderate fuel mixture

Temperature Sensor I (air intake) - informs the fuel injection computer of the temperature of incoming air

Bypass (throttle/mixture) - an adjustable gate to allow air to bypass either the throttle plate or the airflow meter flap to moderate either the idle speed or the fuel mixture

Vapor Lock - the vaporization of gasoline in a fuel line under high temperatures > cannot be pumped through a typical diaphragm fuel pump nor can it be delivered properly in fuel injection systems

Percolation - the expansion of fuel in a hot fuel line > can cause ...
... Flooding - too much pressure that allows fuel to drip into a carbureted engine, or, in a fuel injected engine with a leaky injector, preventing it from starting

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