WTB - 4 x 2.0/GE injectors

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WTB - 4 x 2.0/GE injectors

Post by midatlanticys » Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:54 pm

Hi, would appreciate knowing if anyone has 4 spare/useable injectors to sell and would also be willing to send them to Witchhunter or Cruzin' for a run through their cleaning/testing circuit? Engine is a '78 2.0 GE case.

Our bus is in the US & we are not, so we don't have the luxury of pulling the originals and sending them off for cleaning.

I'm under the impression the correct Bosch p/n is 0 280 150 114 or VW p/n 023 906 031.

Thanks much!! =D>
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