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Itinerary Forum Specific Posting Rules

Post by Amskeptic » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:43 am

(this will be a sticky/announcement in each Itinerary henceforth)

I have hurt some people's feelings over the years by sending them sneering little put-downs of their trashy little links and stupid photographs of irrelevant garbage with which they disgrace the Itinerary Forums like WalMart plastic bags littering the Louvre.
Strangely enough, most all of the hurt-feeling people have disappeared from this site . . . . :blackeye:

We do not have enough members left to alienate any more people, so allow me to spell out my heart-felt reasons for not allowing any trashy cartoons, baubles, kittens, flashy engine shots, busty women draped all over the hood, cutesy little demotivational posters (many of which I love), any generic photographs not taken by you or any other member of this site, and absolutely no third-party videos, period.

I do not allow the above in the Itinerary Forums because the above is so readily available elsewhere, the above is so ubiquitous everywhere else, why not have one corner of the internet universe that is blessedly bereft of it?

For the insulted members who have posted the above and heard from me,
you DO understand that I:
a) have never ever turned on the radio in fifteen years of this traveling
b) have never ever spent a night in a campground or next to a tiki-lit RV ever
c) avoid electric lights at night

I adore peace and quiet, I adore the absence of advertising, I would rather read than watch TV, I avoid cities and hordes, these Itinerary Forums reflect that solitudinous serenity (even as the generator spring sproings off in the middle of nowhere).

You are allowed and welcome to post whatever third-party links or pictures in the General Chat, Free Speech, Community Forums, you are allowed and welcome to post relevant third-party links or pictures in the Technical Forums, but please keep it solely personal, your words, your pictures, in the Itinerary Forums, and please note that the Itinerary Forums may be collated and launched into a book.

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