IAC Visits ER Miami

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Re: IAC Visits ER Miami

Post by VWBusrepairman » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:08 pm

Sylvester wrote: Good grief VWBusrepairman lives! I thought you dropped off the earth years ago! No I am not in Virginia I am in Atlanta. Good to see you are alive and kicking still!
I live-but it's only because IU Health has great physicians. Long story made brief: I was in a motorcycle accident Apr 14, 2015 and was down for several months. No VW events, not much fun, incapacitated essentially for a while...

won't be the last time I'm in the East, I feel. Perhaps this can be the year of road trips and I might actually dig my bus out of the barn and drive it again! (broken leg prevented clutch depression from mc accident)...

I guess I should do a thread, "what's everyone been up to" in another thread...
1968-1979 VW bus sunroof consulting, type IV engine analysis, QA technical work

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