not one wrench was turned.....

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not one wrench was turned.....

Post by TrollFromDownBelow » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:45 pm

Or picture taken, but it was an IAC visit non the less. Thank you, very much Don (aka hippiewannabe) to opening your house, your hospitality (and your keg!) to a complete stranger. Genuinely enjoyed the company and conversation (and the yummy burgers!). Obviously I made it home...a little (a lot!) wet...but all bits and pieces accounted for.

Hey Colin...just remember, all the people out there are made of individuals :flower:

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Re: not one wrench was turned.....

Post by hippiewannabe » Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:50 pm


Thanks for posting your safe arrival. The rain combined with two wheels and a few beers had me worried. Good times, so nice to get to know you. And thanks to Colin for traveling all this way to bring a couple of locals together.
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Re: not one wrench was turned.....

Post by Amskeptic » Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:36 am

That was an impressive hospitality stretch for hippiewannabee to not only sandwich in an Itinerant-Air-Cooled social call between his day and an very important birthday party he had to attend, but to partake of our little BBQ knowing full-well that he had to participate in the aforementioned birthday party meal. That's taking one for the team. I am soo sorry we missed a fiercesome political catfight, we'll just have to bring it to Free Speech, but I want the readership to know that every word ever thrown in that place pales in significance to the friendship developed over the years. It was totally funny to hear your comments about the remodelling trials and tribulations.
You got a family to be proud of there.

It was excellent to see TrollFrom DownBelow arrive in (on) an air-cooled steed. We always do manage to get philosophical in there somewhere, and managed to empty the homeowner's keg while the homeowner was out on another engagement, so we attacked the other beer refrigerator. Then the home-owner and his wife and kid and kid in law just waltz back in like they own the place or something . . . :drunken:

TrollFromDownBelow mentioned in General Chat back in the spring that he had embarked on a family health improvement plan. I had jumped in with a "me too me too I wanna participate". Well I tell you what, he wins hands down. I am not throwing out anyone's numbers but my own, but he blew past my own approximately-the-weight-of-a-stock-VW-flywheel drop by at least double. Looking good, Troll, and I mean that in the health way not the other, not that I have to qualify like that in the first place you understand but yer looking healthy, should I shut up?
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