Itinerant Air-Cooled Greetings From Atlanta . . .

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Re: Itinerant Air-Cooled Greetings From Atlanta . . .

Post by Amskeptic » Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:42 am

Hippie wrote:
Amskeptic wrote:...all of the detours and successes and missed dreams and unexpected grace too, has made me more of a person today than any answered prayers ever could have. This is mysterious, but I am learning to go with it.
Those may be the answers to your prayers.
Depends on the prayer. My prayers answered would not have made me the person I am today. Do our prayers ask for the hard road? Do our prayers beg for privation and long slogs through the fog of an utterly unknown destination?
Looking at my prayer log (a very empty book), I see only that I mostly prayed to understand. I just need to know why. I did pray for a woman once, oh I just begged God please please give me THIS woman, I shall spend the rest of my days praising His Handiwork. Didn't work out that way. If it had, my journey would have been destroyed. That reminded me to be careful what you wish for. Most of my good learning has come in the midst of hopeless snivelling and whining. I still snivel, but when I get through it, I am happy to have surmounted the obstacle. Maybe life is like that, far more irritating and exhausting than anyone in their right mind would choose, but that's why we are born these clueless babies. Later, when we catch on, it's too late to not decide to be born. And I don't know about you, but I have only the simple pride of having survived thus far.
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