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Labor Day 2018 - Dos Springs Oregon

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:55 pm
by hambone
A little late on the books, but rest assured it's still happening. The Godfathers of Camp met last night at the Lucky Lab Brewpub and we all agreed that it's been a while since we've headed up the old Abbot Rd.

So - plan A is 2 Springs Forest Camp:

OR224 East to Estacada

Pass thru Estacada, stay on 224 for 6.5 miles.

Opposite Promontory Park, turn left at a sign for the RV Park, then veer left almost immediately on Forest Service 4610.

Stay on this mostly gravel road for 18.4 miles. Keep an eye out for 4610 signs but don't count on can also go by your odometer. Fork left at 7.1 miles, turn right at 8 miles, and fork left at 17 miles. But if you follow the map it should be pretty obvious. ... 59!3e0!5i1

Plan B is Plaza Lk, just another mile or so past the former campground.
Or even Plan C at Squaw AKA Tumala Mdw.

It is currently Friday-Monday but Jasan will be up there Thurs nite to hold down the fort. He says he will post signs.
Hope to see you out there! SO nice to bring the Bus Camps back to life.