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Skeptic Fun in Seattle

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:36 am
by Adventurewagen
Here is the quick and dirty on our little foray from last weeks Itinerant Visit. Unfortunatley I have no photo's as my camera is still with the theif who stole it from my house.

The main take-aways from the vist:

-The visit was worth EVERY PENNY. Colin is a saint for the price and fun to hang with and work on vw's even with the constant harping on which is rear and which is the front of the bus :)

-I am a dirty dirty bastard but Colin is the Master of Buses as he definitely rules over Gray Skull. Next visit I must clean clean clean, then tear more apart and clean that too.

-If it don't fit just hit it harder and crank er till she fits :) NO not really, just an inside joke from the weekend. Actually be nice, don't push it and figure out how and why it isn't fitting before F'ing something up.

-GEX rebuilds are like so way quality, like shaaa, I like think I need to pull the 71's engine and give it a good spray paint job over the top of the grease build up, because damn it looks good.

-Believe in yourself, the Bentley and wear tolerances and NOT the dumbasses at Bow Wow. 12 thousands end play is not ok.

Here is where we started: ... ight=green

I do plan to update and revive the thread, soon as I can get another camera. I've been taking notes so a big update should come soon, although nothing much happened since I got into the brakes. Work took over and ruled my life the last few months but no more.

So not so quick, but here is the summary. Details to follow...

Green bus: 160,474.9 Miles.
Parked: 2000 (possibly 2002 but we aren't sure) So 5-7yrs sitting.
Reason: Spark plug hole. We think that the timesert came out with the plug and was never driven again.
Bigger Issue: The timesert was HUGE at 16 or 17mm so no new timesert would NOT fit. Many Thanks to Whip618 for a new matching head for cheap.
Where is sat: Under a fir tree in Gig Harbor Washington with the sliding door off and inside and the drivers side window down :(
Gas: 11 gallons of foul smelling shit and one bastardized cap with no key that we had to get off so we could put new gas in.
Time to running: Two days of cleaning, putting together a new head to replace the old broken head and many many other things.

Unfortunately the head has a Heli-coil in #4 and is bent along the base of the valve cover from where somebody maybe used it as a jacking point. But for nearly free you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. At some point both heads probably need to be replaced but I'll get some new or good used ones and do that with my new found knowledge.

Friday ~10pm after getting lots of stuff fixed and in working order and after running my already low battery near dead (doh!) we jumpered it with Colins bus which then breathed life into the Green Bus!

So it lives!!! I am super stoked. Many items left to fix before it drives down the road, but I'm hoping for ride in it tonight or tomorrow.


Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:39 pm
by Bleyseng
Sh*t, I would've come over to help or at least stand around a watch! I didn't know Colin was in town :pale:

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:20 am
by Adventurewagen
No problem. I would still love some help with the Green Machine.

I tossed in a new ignition switch so I can start it without a hot wire and finished bleeding the brakes yesterday, although the rear brake pressure regulator is leaking :( Bentley says it can't be fixed and Bus Depot doesn't seem to carry them for the buses. I've found them off theSamba and will probably order one but it sounds like I can run it until I get a new one.

Still lots of work on the bus to get going daily but it should be drivable by tonight.

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:10 am
by Sluggo
Moved to the Itinerary section.

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:44 am
by Amskeptic
Adventurewagen wrote: the rear brake pressure regulator is leaking :( Bentley says it can't be fixed and Bus Depot doesn't seem to carry them for the buses.
Before indicting the regulator itself, double check each brake line's compression fitting in the regulator. Clean clean clean. Torque up nicely.
(if it is obviously leaking, please accept my apologies)

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:16 pm
by Adventurewagen
Sluggo wrote:Moved to the Itinerary section.
Thanks! Didn't think about putting it here :)
Amskeptic wrote:(if it is obviously leaking, please accept my apologies)
No apologies necessary but it's obviously leaking straight from the body where the two halves kind of meet. It's one crusty looking piece is all I can say and I'm guessing the caked on rust goes straight through to the inside which is causing the leak.

Anybody got any hooks on a good Brake Pressure Regulator?