Replacing The Voltage Regulator In A Fuel Injected Beetle

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Re: Replacing The Voltage Regulator In A Fuel Injected Beetle

Post by kreemoweet » Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:30 pm

I would just like to add some little details to the method described by ainokea above. It's a good method, I've done it 4 times now, and it goes as he/she says. For the big fan nut, I just put a long-ass ratchet or breaker bar with
a 36 mm socket on and let it lodge where it may to the left (when taking off) or the right (when re-installing) of the engine compartment whilst turning the alt/gen shaft with a wrench on the flats of the front pulley half. You are essentially screwing the shaft in and out of the fan nut. You can even use a clicking torque wrench on the fan nut, it will click fine at 43 ft-lbs.

The hardest part of the whole deal is getting those bottom two backing plate bolts off and on. It helps tremendously if you use alternate hardware in those spots, viz. a couple of flange-head M6 bolts of an appropriate length. The tool to use there is a ratcheting 10 mm box wrench. The flange stabilizes the bolt in the wrench, and allows for applying a little pressure on the bolt when getting it started in the hole. The stock slotted screws are probably the very worst thing to use. They do make little right-angle screw drivers, and little ratcheting 1/4 " hex screwdriver bit holders, that can be used with those, but I cannot recommend the experience.

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