Vintage Air Conditioner Cooler great for old VWs

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Vintage Air Conditioner Cooler great for old VWs

Post by amishman » Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:12 pm

For sale is a real neat vintage air conditioner that would be great to use in an old VW. I had purchased this to use as both display at shows or in my bus when camping. I have some other projects that need attention so I have decided to sell this.

It is a Kimberly portable air conditioner that runs on 110v. So, if you go camping where your Bus has an electrical plug in or if you run a inverter from your internal battery, this would make a way cool addition. And it actually works. The fan turns nicely. They way this thing works is as follows. Open the top lid as seen in the picture and inside you will see a metal plate area that is meant for a block of ice. I suppose you can use dried ice also but make sure you have plenty of ventilation (windows cracked, etc...). In fact I think dried ice would be best as it does not really melt and make a puddle. So, plop dried ice in this metal bowl area and turn it on. The fan blows the air over the ice and it cools whatever is in front of it. Good old basic technology. It even has an air filter inside in case you want to use it. Overall it is in nice condition as seen from the picture.

If you have any questions, let me know. So, to recap, bring this to shows as a vintage piece or actually use it on those hot days. Standard 110v outlet. I had even though to get an auto inverter, one of those small ones, and while driving on hot days, plug this sucker in on long drives. May help cool it down a tad. Buses get darned hot!

$250 + postage.

I am also looking for a complete 36hp engine so will consider a trade of this for a rebuildable or running 36hp engine.


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