The curious case of the 73 engine

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The curious case of the 73 engine

Post by Sylvester » Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:53 pm

Last week I received notification from the Atlanta Pull a Part that a 1973 Bug was on the yard. I was determined to pull the engine if it was there. I wanted spare parts to rebuild a 1600 DP for Sam the Bus, and having never tore an engine down I figured this would be a good chance. I got there early Saturday morning and the Bug still had all the parts of the engine intact, I figured that would not last long. I couldn't tell if it was seized, someone had removed the gearshift and I could not tell if it was in gear or not. There was a gentleman there pulling everything he could off the Bug as I poked and surveyed the engine. I have no idea what all he took, but he had yanked the dash off and had pulled most of the roof material out. I was debating pulling the engine, then determined that if in an hour I was not fairly close to having it out, I would leave it. I had my tools, a small car jack and a wheelbarrow. The jack could not get high enough to reach the bottom of the engine. Being a determined fellow, I dug around the other cars and found a half sheet of plywood and two brake drums. Using a floor mat as ground cover, I put the plywood on the jack then the two drums stacked on top. I jacked that up until it barely touched the engine. Taking off three engine bolts (The starter bolt was not on, thanks goodness), I wiggled the engine out onto the jack and wiggled it carefully off the drums and plywood, and onto the gravel. I had to maneuver the engine from under the rear apron and had it free and clear. So now what? I was 100 yards from the office and deep in a row of cars. Another scrounger came by and offered to help, we put the engine in the wheelbarrow and drug it to the end of the row. He wished me luck and another scrounger came by and asked what year the engine was. I told him and asked him how in the world do I get this out of here. He motioned to another car and said take your knife and cut some seatbelts out and tie them together. Once done I tied them around the engine, and he pointed to the office and there was a forklift. Go get it, he said. And I did. Forklift finds me later and I drape the seatbelt onto the fork. Driving off and going 20 feet you guessed it, strap fails. BUT, one held and the engine dangles one inch above the gravel, swinging back and forth. The forklift operator says what do I want to do? I saw well lower it I will tie it better. Wait he says, lifts the engine higher, and to test the one strap jiggles the forks hard. The engine does not fall, he laughs and says we good! And off he goes. In the end I get the complete engine in my SUV and home. My plan it to take it apart reuse what I can but build from a new case. As I tear it apart I will post pictures here, just not sure how fast that will happen but over the winter. I didn't check it once home to see if it was seized, I will check it after Thanksgiving. Advice during this teardown will be welcome, it will certainly help me learn.
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