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Re: Bentley

Post by Bleyseng » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:09 pm

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static wrote:
tristessa wrote:It's like anything over 60 miles is too long a drive for camping unless it's the San Juan islands or something...
I can kinda see that anything over 150 miles out is pushing it for a weekend camping trip when you gotta work on Monday, but come on, folks!

To my esteemed friends in Oregon and Washington: Northern California has some cool stuff. Come and see!

Now then: a little rant about the bus scene around here: I understand "different strokes for different folks" and all, but I feel like I live in a big sea of VW campers but that few like to use them much (if at all) for actual camping.
Oh, but have a "show and shine" and they all come out of the woodwork. Phooey! /rant
I made it down to outside of Ashland, Ore a couple of weekends ago. Damn thats a long ass drive from Seattle and driving I5 with everyone having to pass and cut in front of the one damn camper on the road is a pain. My solution is to let Monique drive and I fall asleep in the back as she goes 75-80mph letting no one pass her. She complains that the westy doesn't get the best gas mileage! 16-17mpg
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Re: Bentley

Post by hambone » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:55 pm

I'ma scare't of spending gas money right now, but when things finally stabilize around here I'd love a trip south of the border.
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