66 Beetle, Backfiring out of Carb on Acceleration

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Re: 66 Beetle, Backfiring out of Carb on Acceleration

Post by wdollie6 » Tue Sep 06, 2022 6:47 am

Received new light switch and installed but unfortunately it was missing the terminal 57 connection so had to move the parking lights to the light circuit which seems to work fine, although they are now on all the time. Switch made a big difference along with a few other changes that I made; thoroughly cleaned ground strap at battery and transmission, replaced regulator and brushes from old generator that was on one of the two engines I purchased last year for $50 (good investment so far although my significant other begs to differ).

Bug is now running great, with a voltage gain of 0.5 volts at most places in the electrical system. The headlights are much brighter and the wipers run like they are on 12 volt, nice. Unfortunately have now developed a low siren noise that will last a 8-10 seconds but then fades. I'm thinking this is either the pilot or throw out bearing, so will have to pull the engine to take a look, unfortunately I can't really pinpoint at this time.

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