Sites with useful technical info.

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Sites with useful technical info.

Post by Sluggo » Mon Jul 31, 2006 1:39 pm

Here's a bunch of links to sites with helpful information about maintaining, repairing and restoring your Air Cooled VW.

We are not associated with any of these sites and we do not assume responsibilty for anything that may happen if you use the advice given in these links. As with any advice you ever receive about your Vintage VW, take these tips with a grain of salt.

You may see a certain section of an already named site listed separately. That's because I've seen the question asked many times and felt it would make it easier if I just listed a direct link.

If you know of a site that isn't here, let me know by sending a PM to Sluggo.

VW Stuff:

Richard Atwell's VW Pages (Ratwell)
These are supposed to be in alphabetical order but everyone needs to view this site. Tech Talk

Balancing Rods & Pistons for engine rebuild.

Sean Bartnik's Website.
Lot's of great info and how to's.

Brake Booster Vacuum Test.

Brake Overhaul for Bus Rear Drum Brakes.

Compression Ratio Calculator.

Compression Ratio Calculation How To Guide. ... index.html

Engine Break In for New & Rebuilt Engines. ... gnbrkn.htm

Engine Codes for Type IV engines.

Engine Codes for Beetles.

Fuel Lines Safety Wiring.
Everyone needs to do this.

Heating System Improvments.

Ignition Switch replacement in a Bus. ... arrel.html

Lock Overhaul for all doors.

M-Code Plates & how to decipher them.

MS Gulf Coast VW Club Tech Pages.

Nate's Air Cooled Tech.

Oil Facts pertaining specifically to Air Cooled VW & Porsche engines.

Oil Gallery Plug replacement.

Oil Temperature Sender Installation.
This is based on a Bug but the info can be applied to the Type IV engine. Just mount it on the inspection plate instead.

Old Volks Home

Speedy Jim's Air Cooled Electrical Hints.

Spooky's Homepage
Complete Body & Mechanical rebulid advice.

Technical Stuff Hompage.
All sorts of tips & tricks here. ... e_page.htm

Tire Info For Busses.


Type IV Secrets Revealed.
Excellent site with lot's of technical info about the Type 4 engine.

VW Resource
Lot's of great tips.

VW Stuff
Lots of tips including the safe way to wire your Fuel Pump Relay.

Threads from other VW Forums.

Type IV Timing Scale.

Engine Hatch Installation in a pre 1973 Bay Window Bus. ... eee55a9096

Power Windows for a Bay Window Bus!

Other Useful Stuff:

How to build speaker enclosures ... tml?page=2

Speaker Enclosure Volume Calculator

Elctronic Ignitions and how they work.

Weber IDF Carburetor Adjustment. ... ntrols.htm

Relay Diagrams for all sorts of stuff.

How Vacuum works and how to diagnose Vacuum Gauge Readings.

1977 Bus with Sunroof - "Lucky '77"
2000cc Type IV w/Dual Weber 36s, SVDA w/Compufire,
Redline Weber Fuel Pump,
Holley Regulator,
Half Ass Brush & Roller Rustoleum Paint Job,
Incomplete Custom Interior,
Dual Batteries,
Crunched Slider Door.