IRS Rear Wheel Bearing Repack/Replace

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Re: IRS Rear Wheel Bearing Repack/Replace

Post by kreemoweet » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:35 pm

The following VW technical bulletin sheds light on the 71-up bus rear outer bearing story. The gist of it is that

1) VW used two different styles of bearing in production. The first, made by SKF, was similar to the 68-70 bearings
except that the outer race has a flange on it. The other style, made by Durkopp and INA, had the outer race and rollers as an
inseparable unit, with the inner race a simple cylinder that slipped between the rollers and stub axle shaft;
2) Only the Durkopp/INA-style bearing would be available as a replacement part;
3) The labled side of the bearing should face outward on installation;
4) The bearings should only be installed/removed by pressing/pulling with a press or other tool.

The Bentley manual was never properly updated to reflect these changes.
The part # for the SKF-style bearing is 211-501-283B and the Durkopp/INA-style is 211-501-283D.
Just about every VW parts vendor will give you the later-style bearing with the incorrect early part #.
I've pressed/pulled the bearings in and out of the housings about a half-dozen times with no damage, using
a home-made contraption of threaded rod, big washers, nuts, big sockets, etc. ... _100-1.jpg

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