Itinerant Air-Cooled Greetings From Atlanta

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Post by Ritter » Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:00 pm

jimbear wrote: Anyone chime in with tips and tricks to be better prepared for my first IAC visit?
Go to bed early the night before Christmas. Make sure you've stocked up on diet coke for Santa. Make yourself a sandwich in the morning while you're waiting to sustain yourself (and one for the guy who has a tender stomach, says he doesn't eat lunch but usually concedes to your charity). Buy a case (or near, depending on the condition of your engine) of GumOut and paper towels. Have the parts you know you need on hand. You'll need more than you think so don't sweat it too much when you hit a road block--you'll be provided with instruction on how to achieve the repair with follow-up here as needed. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! It's a great learning experience and a fun day. I wish I could have swung it this year.
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