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Deposit Information

Post by Amskeptic » Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:27 pm

Hand it over.

As mentioned in the "Itinerary Speil", this year's deposit is:
Your very best option is to use PayPal.
In the "comment" box, you shall put your username/real life name,
your address, and your phone number.

Your next best option this year is to mail a check to my bank, arrangements will be made through PM. This is the tedious slow option, but it does work.

Your full day balance will be $270.00. You will happily pay it just to get me out of your driveway so you can beat down the noise in your brain.
You half-day people are dangerously non-committal, so you are also paying the full deposit, but your balance will be a measly $60.00

Although you are all are very special to me, no special privileges exist regarding the waiver of deposits, i.e. "hey, buddy, ol' pal, don't you REMEMBER ME? I have had you out sixty two times, I always pay, come on man, I will pay you when you get here, you know I'm good for it!"
Ah . . . . . . . . . . . . . no.

Once your deposit has posted, you get an IAC certified red D next to your name in the 2010 Itinerary list. That is my contractual obligation to be at your door at 9:00AM on the listed day.
Many many many newbies get all panicky if they have not received a phone call or some other verification that I will actually show up at their house. I will be there. Ask the old timers, I am there within 15 minutes of the appointed time in about 90% of the cases, within 30 minutes of the appointed time in about 9% of the cases, and I call to ask you to drive my bus to your house from the local convenience store because the cops have denied my driving privileges (remember that one, locoqueso?) or I get lost (once in 6 years when E Northeast South Ext. SW got confused with S Northeast North Ext. SW hey, did I invent the post office? no!)

Deposits are non-refundable if you screw up our date or your household finances collapse between now and your appointment. Let the sting be soothed by your willingness to consider it a contribution to a worthy cause to help your fellow forum members keep their beloved VWs healthy.

Deposits are happily refunded if I screw up getting to your house because of stupidity or crashes in Colorado, or if any other unforseen interruption should occur.

Don't think all is lost right off the bat, however. I will endeavor to meet you halfway, and I will certainly hope that you extend the same sort of effort if I blow a CV in Idaho and try to fit you in later somehow.

Questions? PM me.
Thanking you from Jackson Misssisssiipppii,

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