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Bus Door Panels - One Size Fits All!

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 7:37 pm
by BellePlaine
This is a shot of a door panel off of a 1976 Westy tintop (a parts bus that I once had).


Now, I'm not an expert in door panel configurations, or more specially, door handle configurations but I do now that my 1976 West had kind of an arm rest/door pull thing. It used three large screws to fasten the arm rest/door pull to the door. If you look closely, you'll see were the screws pierced the door vinyl.

My 1975 Riviera used a simple strap door pulls. What is interesting to me is that the cardboard of this door panel can accommodated either the strap style door pull, or the arm rest style. I wonder if they were making buses in 1976 with different style door pulls.


Look at it from this angle, you can see the two rows of tracks probably used to fasten the full length door vent. I find this all kind of interesting.

Re: Bus Door Panels - One Size Fits All!

Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 8:49 pm
by Amskeptic
Yes, the Westies had the screw-in armrest/door pulls, the passenger buses had the ventilation duct that necessitated using the strap.