Westie Water Tank Filler Cap

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Westie Water Tank Filler Cap

Post by JLT » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:10 am

Hi, folks!

After using a succession of stopgap replacements for the water tank filler cap that didn't come with my '71 Westy, I've decided that I really want one that matches the threads on the existing filler neck. The trouble is that the threads don't remotely resemble the standard PVC caps you get at the hardware stores, etc. They also don't mention the threads on similarly sized pill bottles or anything else I've tried.

Before I get really creative (the results of which are usually not pretty), I was wondering if anybody else had a cheap solution to the problem.

(The odd thing is that I was also missing the cap that threads onto the sink drain, but found that this pipe had standard threads that match the PVC caps you can get at hardware stores. Why Wesfalia used separate threads for each application is beyond me, unless they thought it would prevent their being switched and causing water tank contamination.)

Yes, I've googled this and found a number of supposedly authentic caps available, for forty dollars or more, plus shipping. But they all specifically mention Vanagon, and the early Bay Westies used an entirely different water tank setup.
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Re: Westie Water Tank Filler Cap

Post by hambone » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:52 am

My threads are gone, but there is a big black rubber plug that came with the bus. I attached a fruit juice bottlecap (plastic) to the top and it looks almost stock. Ehh close enuff.
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