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Re: Surface Rust

Post by Bleyseng » Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:30 pm

Amskeptic wrote:
Bleyseng wrote:I have had por 15 peel off clean bare metal in a few years, not good. Epoxy primer is awesome stuff for a base.
Brand? website review? Discussion of how we could have such a disparate experience? Did you Por15 on a hot humid day in Suriname?
No, in Seattle in my shop when I redid the 914's "Hellhole"7 years ago. Some was new clean metal, some rusty and prepped it like Por15 says. Two years later it started to peel off slowly.....after I final coated the whole engine bay all pretty orange.
On the Westy I repaired a bunch of rusty metal and used epoxy primer over all bare metal. No problems.
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