Looking for some tires.

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Re: Looking for some tires.

Post by jerryherb » Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:45 pm

So it appears the Pacer rims are a decent fit when mounted bare (still waiting on nokian c-lines). the drum 10mm screws do interfere ever so slightly so they need to be removed. the bore being 67mm is a perfect size. i also ordered the pacer through-center caps for them, hope they will fit over the hub hardware. tested with GW rev 2.0 BB template and there is plenty of space, by a large margin, for the GW calipers. 4 rims and caps come in under $230, which seems a much better deal than SA rims of the same size for money conscious buyer. with nokian entyres 1.0 205s (XL) set on clearance one can get a complete 16" wheel upgrade for way under $500. each bare rim weights in at ~35lbs. these are 16x6 so a bit narrower than SA's and the offset is at 41mm as opposed to 30. Once i get the tires mounted will report back whether i get any rubbings in the front, but judging by the new wheel's overall diameter, which is about half inch smaller, i doubt i will have any issues. by my calculations the backside of the wheel/tire will be about 5mm further inside the wheel-well than the same size SA rim.

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