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Post by TrollFromDownBelow » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:18 pm

Not sure of the percentage of folks on this forum that ride motorcycles, but if you do, and you want to find a two wheel vehicle that has the similar rugged, utilitarian charm of our A/C VW's AND, does not cost an arm and a leg....check out the Universal Japanese Motorcycles from the 70's through early to mid 80's. You can get them for a song and a dance (typical asking price for 650cc - 900cc is $700-$1500 in running condition, cheaper for small cc's) they are fun to tinker with, and will bring many miles of smiles. The only downside is, if you pick one up for $700, you will probably put $300-$500 into it, plus 20-40 hours of time and the bike will still be only worth $1000....so you won't get rich fixing them up.

I own an '04 Harley that I bought with 750 miles (now has 52k) Wife has a 2015 Harley, but we both have a soft spot for these old UJM's. Picked up a 82 Suzuki 850cc GS just before Halloween. Shaft drive, dual disk brakes, 11k miles on it. PO replaced the tires (that's an expensive bit...about $300 for both) also replaced the carb diaphragms (can be very expensive too...$120 per carb and this bike has 4 carbs), and he rebuilt the carbs. Gave him his full asking price of $1k. It's not perfect - been repainted, needs new fork seals, and some various other maintenance. But with maybe 20 hours of my time, she will be darn near perfect (yes it is a female, wife has named it Matilda)....and these engines are known to go well over 100k miles. They still run this block on the track because you can build them up over 300 Hp and the stock bottom end will hold together.

Anyways, with bus prices continuing to go through the roof, and people lamenting the lack of affordable buses, thought I'd point out alternatives (shhh...don't tell anyone that you can still get a A/C hardtop Beetle for $3k...sometimes less...that isn't a total rusted out turd). :geek:
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